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SAMIL originated in 1965 when a Bradford textile trading company opened a subsidiary company called International Mohair Topmakers (PTY) Ltd in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in what was then and still is the centre of the world mohair industry. Over the years there have been many changes in the business, moving from greasy purchasing and then commission combing both abroad and in South Africa, before opening its own combing mill, Border Combing Company, in 1987, now known as SAMIL Combing.

In 1992 South African Mohair Industries Limited (SAMIL) was formed. Primarily a mohair trader and processor, SAMIL’s ambitions have reached far beyond this activity, and it now sees itself as the link between mohair producers, processors and consumers.

A spinning operation, SAMIL Spinning (Pty) Ltd was opened in 1994, together with a dyeing plant, SAMIL Dyeing. More recently, a farming unit, SAMIL Farming (Pty) Ltd has been established, strengthening our already close partnerships with the angora farming community.

These diverse activities are operated as one entity, under the SAMIL brand name. The fact that SAMIL now offers an all-encompassing service – from growing our own fibres or sourcing them from companies within the group, to all mohair processes – enables us to meet all our clients’ yarn and natural fibre needs.
SAMIL has been, and is, willing to establish partnerships with individuals and companies involved in all aspects of the industry with a view to further promoting the fibre. It is committed not only to the sustainability of the product with which it deals, but also to beneficiating and empowering all individuals involved in the industry through skills development, forging partnerships and sharing market knowledge with these individuals. This is enhanced by SAMIL’s close links to the international trade networks and close working relationships and partnerships with the alpaca, cashmere and wool industry.

Through its involvement in all aspects of the industry, SAMIL’s aim is to provide a sustainable, affordable, superior quality product to the world, showcasing not only the product but also the industry , country of origin and individuals participating in the production of the fibre.

We are a dynamic and innovative team that embraces change and progress and we anticipate a strong and bright future.

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